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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stoughton's Beach ~

This was a real treat for us as kids. There were cabins, too, that were for rent in the summer. 


Bubba said...

I never went to Stoughton's Beach, but it reminds me of Silver Sides up near Chicora.

Anonymous said...

My parents took me to Stoughton's Beach one summer to celebrate my birthday.

Anonymous said...

Lots of good memories swimming there as a child with my cousins.

Anonymous said...

The postcard has something written that I can not read. It does not
look like it is saying Stoughton Beach.
I do not know who owned the park only that the name was ROCK FALLS PARK.
Mr. Stoughton lived across the road on the dam side. He charged for swimming privileges in the water on the dam side. Interestingly his land that touched the water was higher than the water so everyone went to the other side of the dam. This land was flat and cars could be parked. Also it belonged to George and Sally Blyth. Mr. Stoughton rented land he did not own, now his name is given for ROCK FALLS PARK.
History is interesting.