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Monday, November 18, 2019

Fr. Simon Conrad O.F.M. Cap.~

† 2013
Before entering the St. Fidelis Seminary in nearby Herman, Fr. Conrad lived on Polk Street in Butler. He was ordained a priest in 1946. Fr. Simon is widely remembered as a teacher, communicator and confessor. And till the end he was best known as a consummate gentleman and professional. Through all of his years of ministry, Father was known for his well-crafted and thoughtful preaching. On two occasions his audience was a national one. In 1954, he and fellow Capuchin Fr. Bertin Roll conducted the nation’s first televised youth mission, which was broadcast live for eight weeks on CBS network television’s “Look Up and Live.” In 1958, he also preached on CBS network radio’s “Church of the Air.” Father wrote two books: Master and Model, a life of Christ, and Brothers of the Sun, a brief history of the Capuchins, which had press runs totaling 40,000.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Glenn Crytzer ~ BHS '99 ~ Butler Musician

Glenn is a prominent guitarist, bandleader, arranger and composer. His music features in several films and documentaries. 
Some of his recordings:
Chasin' The Blues (2009)
Harlem Mad (2011)
Skinny Minne (2012)
Focus Pocus (2013)
A Little Love This Christmas (2013)
Uptown Jump (2015)
Aint' It Grand? (2018)

Sunday, September 01, 2019

BHS Football Scores ~ 2019

                        23/08 BHS 21 [L] - North Hills - 46
                        30/08 BHS 21 [L] - Baldwin - 42
                        06/09 BHS 07 [L] - Mount Lebanon - 63
                        13/09 BHS 07 [L] - Pine-Richland - 56
                        20/09 BHS 00 [L] - Seneca Valley - 55
                        27/09 BHS 21 [L] - Norwin - 49
                        04/10 BHS 14 [L] - North Allegheny - 49
                        11/10 BHS 06 [L] - Pgh. Central Catholic - 55
                        28/10 BHS 28 [L] - Hempfield Area - 55
                        25/10 BHS 07 [L] - Canon-McMillan - 35

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Nicole Luttrell ~ BHS '

"I was telling stories as soon as I had words to tell them with. But I started writing when
I was thirteen when I came to the dawning realization that this was something that
could be done for a living. That people could make their lives all about telling stories."

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

The Berg House ~

Photo: Joe Randig
The Berg House located on North Main Street on the right hand side
going up the hill. Joe wonders if anyone remembers or has any information on the Berg house.

Monday, April 01, 2019

Butler Artist ~ Claus Leland ~ BSHS 2009

"A painting I did of Butler (I wish I had a better quality, but the painting is no longer in my possession), it was an acrylic 3 by 5 foot and was displayed at the Art Center and the Brick House restaurant."
Claus Leland