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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

BHS Swimming Pool ~

Photo: Barbara Bloom

Butler Swimming Pool ~ June 1, 1952

Photo by "Hopie's" 
Click to enlarge.  
Notice the high diving board and 2 low diving boards.  Sunbathing on roof top.  There used to be a pond in the park close to here where we would ice skate.  The creek was called Sullivan Run.
Thanks: James Cooper

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

View from Main Street ~ 1920

Looking out from Main Street to the Wayne Street Viaduct.
Thanks: Barbara Bloom

Friday, July 03, 2015

Lyndora School ~ 8th Grade ~ 1952

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First row: R-L
Patty Suchy, Carole Roe, Virginia Schnitzki,
Mr Shricker, Miss Shanor, Mr Kerr, Diane Turner, Mary Lou Klowak

Second row R-L
Unknown, Mary Ann Derkics, Alice Diehl, Jeanne Davis, Mabel Cress, Andrea Gyongosi, Joyce Flack, Yvonne Betres,

Third Row R-L
Margaret White, Nancy Herman, Donna Rausch, Dorthy Ballon, Nancy Cubbison, Nancy Longdon, Unknown, Donna Sobkowz

Fourth row R-L
Lee Hoovler, Leonard Pruckner, Jackie Povlick, Alan Cubbison, John Kosar, Tony Grenek, Fred Polanec

Top row R-L
David Hindman, Frank Komitsky Jr., Tim O'Hara, Russel Crouse, Ronnie Hemphill, Mike Pawk, Phillip Mudrick

Photo: Frank Komitsky Jr.