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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Ronald Stutz BHS '52

+ 4 November 2010

Ronald Stutz BHS '52 was a very talented basketball star on the BHS team from '48-'52 and was one of the first to make the varsity team while only a freshman. He also played football. He was a member of the 1950 Butler High School football team that won the WPIAL Championship with a perfect 12-0 record. After high school he went on to play football in the US Army where he earned MVP honors.


R.Wertz said...

Ah, yes...good ole Ron. I played pickup basketball with him (one on one) in the alley back of his house many times across the street from the Institute Hill elementary school.

Ron was a little shorter than I, not much, but a little shorter, and he would,from time to time,take pity on me. He had the sharpest elbows in Christendom. Our games were very short in duration.

At one reunion I reminded him of his elbows and he said that, because of his stature, he had a special grinding wheel he would use on a regular basis to stay sharp.

Anonymous said...

I loved my Uncle Ron! He was a great guy. In 2003 he came to Butler for his sister's funeral, my mother Jean Stutz Rider. That was his last visit to Butler, as he had a stroke after returning to New England. He was a competitor at heart,and a strong resolve kept him moving and working hard to regain as much of his strength and mobility as possible.

His wife, Aunt Janet and three grown children, cousins Deb, Donna and Doug all live in Westfield, MA. Seven grandchildren gave him much joy. Last May my sister, 4 of my cousins and myself made a road trip to see Uncle Ron and family. We had a great visit. It was good to hear his laugh! And tell him I loved him.

Diane Rider Pelusi