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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mary Hulton Phillips ~ Butler's Philanthropist

She gave us the 
Meridon Museum 
 . . .  and shared with us the beauty she loved.
† January 19, 2009


Anonymous said...

What a sweet and wonderful lady.
She was someone our little home
town can be proud of.

Anonymous said...

What a lady who was respected by
everyone. How wonderful that she
kept the Phillips name on the map of Butler. She will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Phillips was a socialite, genuine, warm, community-minded always, generous, a gracious lady, kind even when she needed to be a little tough ...in a word ... class. Make that 1st class.

Butler was blessed by having her so long, and will miss her forever.

While the museum is a plus for her fading mill town burdened by an awful drug and poverty problem, her taste and mine were pretty disparate. When in doubt there, defer to Mary.

I know zilch about her hub beyond his being born into a well-to-do family. But I do know he knew a helluva good gal when he saw one.

RIP dear lover of Butler and her surroundings!

Peachy. Just Peachy. said...

My mother was well acquainted with her, probably having to do with either the Butler School Board or the Butler Symphony Board, both passions of hers. She, Mary, was classy without having to be described as such--her persona.
Russ Turner

Rebekah Stroup said...

I was very sad to come across this while searching the web ... I was a waitress at Natili's North for 7 years (recently moved to Texas) and I waited on her frequently ... she'd come in with her girlfriends, all dressed to the nines wearing her fur coat in the chilly weather. SHe had style and class that most have lost in this day and age.