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Monday, January 07, 2008

August 15, 1945 ~ Butler Rejoices

The day the Second World War ended.
Main Street at the Courthouse


Anonymous said...

The Main Street picture reminds me of where I was when WWII ended. We were returning from a mission in central China and preparing to land just after dark in Kunming. We noticed, as we approached the airstrip, what appeared to be a lot of fireworks in that area. In checking with the tower, we learned that the Japanese had surrendered. The "fireworks" turned out to be many of the flight crews shooting their Very (distress) pistols in the air in celebration of the end of the war.
Don Carlson

Anonymous said...

We could very well be in that picture. My brother and future sister in law walked in from Lick Hill to celebrate with all the others the ending of the war. We went to the court house to join with so many others.

We gave no thought that we would ever be involved with other wars. My husband of 62 yrs was on Okinawa when the war ended. He came home and we were married in Jan 1946

My brother married my husband's sister.

Anonymous said...

Many times, my mother would stop for coffee at the Davy & Hilliard Rexall Drug Store [I see it in the picture] on Main Street at The Diamond. And we kids would order a root beer. Not a can of root beer. They would mix it for you right there at the soda fountain using syrup and soda water and it was served in a cone-shaped paper cup in a metal holder.