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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Howard M. McClung ~ Butlerite

Howard M. McClung
Butler poet, artist and inventor.
† 1939


Charles said...

Howard M. McClung was the son of the late Butler Pa. County Commissioner Robert McClung. (B. 1840, D. 1905)
Howard was born on April 30th, 1879 in Buena Vista, Pa. on his father's farm. Howard resided for most of his life on Center Avenue in Butler, Pa.

Howard was married to Anna Anderson McClung. They had 4 sons: Robert, William, Donald, and George.
Howard died June 30th, 1939 in Butler, Pa. from being hit by a car at the corner of Center Ave. and Oakvale.

According to Butler's Book of Questions & Answers, Howard was an inventor; Howard was also a poet, and artist. In 1913, he applied for a patent for a simple & inexpensive paper cup. It was comprised of circular forms of strong paraffined papers that folded perfectly flat when not in use. A simple twist turned it into a cone-shaped cup.

Howard was an ardent baseball fan and was greatly interested in the success of the Butler Yankees.

Anonymous said...

Funny how memories are triggered.When I was a 5th grader,I delivered the morning pittsburgh post gazette.I remember a McClung couple who were older,at least in my eyes at that time,who lived in a house on the southwest corner of McKinnley ave and Federal streets.I just wonder if they were decendents of this McClung.

Bob Dorcy

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Anna Anderson McClung was a sister or cousin to my grandmother, Olive Inez Anderson Duffy, who passed away in the early 1960s. She was in her 80s at that time, so she would have been born sometime around 1880. There was an Anderson's Pharmacy on the South Side around the turn of the century, an establishment owned and operated by my great grandfather. My grandmother's brother, John, was a practicing physician and was enshrined in Ripley's Believe It or Not for scoring 80 points in a single basketball game, way back when, before NBA and maybe even prior to industrial league play. The Andersons are buried up on Calvary Cemetery on North Main St. hill. I believe my grandmother had a sister or two, but she passed away when I was very young and I have no memory of her family. Maybe someone with Anderson blood has some knowledge.
Jim Duffy

DennisMcClung said...

Howard M. McClung is my Great Grandfather. Thanks, Robert Dennis McClung