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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Main Street Parade ~ 1941

Many a soldier marched this street. Many were killed in action.
[Butler Gold Star Mother]


Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember the gold star banners that used to hang in the windows of homes during W.W.II.

Anonymous said...

My Papa Pete is in this picture somewhere...he has the exact same one with him and his sister circled.

Richard J. Palmer said...

I was 14 when this picture was taken and I surely remember all my classmates who lost their lives. We used to read the death notices every night in the Butler Eagle and many, many times we lamented another loss of one of our dear friends.
I went to the Decoration Day parades from the time I was little and I used to play on the Soldier's monument at the foot of New Castle hill. I remember even a few Civil War veterans in open cars. They, of course, were very old. There was one veteran of the
Spanish-American war, Elmer Burton, who always rode a beautiful horse in the parades.