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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Butler Memorial Hospital ~ Original Edifice

How many mothers
walked down
the sandstone steps
from our hospital
overlooking town
with babies in their arms
singing silent songs of joy?


Anonymous said...

I remember how great it looked sitting up there on the hill with the white pillars in front. There weren't all those cars in parking lots. A lot of people would walk to the hospital.

No Longer Available said...

Alot of warm thoughts come to heart when I think of the Butler Hospital. Mom passed on in 54. I can barely remember her waving to us from the window in her room the day we left to go home. I also remember many many years later, nurses letting my cousin and I come in their quarters that were in the back of the hospital. We had pizza and soda's and listened to records and ... well that's enough.

Anonymous said...

There was a hospital prior to this one. It was at the south end of the main street viaduct on the right side.

Charles said...

You're right about that. I changed the title of the posting and hope to get a picture of the original hospital sometime in the future. Thanks for the information.

Anonymous said...

Our fourth child was born in the Butler County Memorial Hospital in 1959. I could look out the window in my hospital room and see our 1920's stone house on East Brady Street.

Anonymous said...

Had my tonsils taken out at Butler Memorial. Also was admitted when I got pneumonia.