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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lake Arthur in Fall ~

Our year-round playground.
Photo: Glenn Fulghum 


Anonymous said...

Moraine State Park used to be packed during summer months with families and singles. It was a great place to spend a day in the sun. Not as many people go there any more. Don't know why.

Anonymous said...

Is Butler going to destroy this too?

Anonymous said...

Hunted in the area with my dad before the park was established. Enjoyed some good times there.

Polly Shaw said...

Consider this: When the park opened in 1970, the South Shore was developed at Pleasant Valley. Everybody went there. The Lakeview Beach on North Shore was not in place until the Boy Scout Jamboree in 1973. There wasn't a lot to do in the early days but there are a lot more recreational opportunities today that tend to spread people around the 16,725 acre park. There are 37 1/2 of miles of roads, 42 miles of shoreline around the 3,225 acre Lake Arthur, and 20 miles of trails for hiking, bikes, horses, and snowmobiles, so literally, thousands of people can access the park from multiple roads and see only few people. Moraine is used by people from a wide area, not just Butler. So, all in all, I think the park is well used and still very popular.