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Sunday, January 07, 2018

Butler High School Teachers ~

In Memory of
Butler High School Teachers

Please suggest teachers I should add to the list.  Contact me.
  • Roy Barkley
  • Sarah Burnheart
  • A. Gerald Capezutti
  • James Cavalero
  • James C. Clements
  • Rudy Corona
  • Thomas Crane
  • Miss Cunningham
  • Dorothy Doerr
  • Anthony DeFurio
  • Herb Elias
  • William Ellis 
  • Mr. Greenawalt 
  • Robert E. Hovis
  • Virginia Hutchison
  • John T. Ifft 
  • Edith Ifft 
  • Elmer Klein
  • William Lehnard
  • Ellis Love
  • James McDowell
  • Ray W. Miller
  • Mr. Reimold
  • Chuck Rogner 
  • Emil Rosenzweig
  • Raymond Schweinberg
  • Al Stewart
  • Mr. Trypinski 


Anonymous said...

Robert E. "Bob" Hovis. I did not have him for math but he was my homeroom teacher. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/butlereagle/obituary.aspx?page=lifestory&pid=132010110

Anonymous said...

Mr. Reimold

B Mac said...

A,Gerald Capezutti
John T Ifft
Emil Rosenzweig
Ray W Miller

Anonymous said...

Mr Greenawalt the Business teacher, Nice guy,

most popular words


What a character,

Anonymous said...

Mr. Typinski. Taught Electronics. Real Gentleman.

Anonymous said...

Rudy Corona

Anonymous said...

Raymond Schweinberg

ebush said...

I second the nomination for William Typinski. He was instrumental in my personal success, sending me forward with knowledge that I never thought I would use (and do to this day). He inspired me to become an amateur radio operator and to reach for the stars.

William Ellis and Al Stewart also as nominees for their efforts in building the computer program at BHS. Mr. Ellis shepherded me into becoming more than what guidance counselors at BHS said I would ever achieve.

Anonymous said...

Mr Roy Barkley Auto Mechanics

Mr Elmer Klein Auto Body

Julie said...

I just read where James Cavalero has died, he was a 7th grade teacher for Butler Area School District

B Mac said...

James McDowell,,, Leader of “General Jim’s Standing Army”,,,,American history teacher.....when he asked a question and you did not know the answer, you had to stand at your seat,..was fun then, probably not allowed now

Anonymous said...

Chuck Rogner

Anonymous said...

Mr. Perry taught at West End School. He was great.

Anonymous said...

I had Mr. Nitowski for art class in 7th grade (yellow brick building).

John Cooper said...

I noticed you have a list of Butler High School teachers that should have
special recognition. John T. Ifft is on the list as well he should be, but his
wife Edith Ifft should be honored as well. I had the very good fortune to
be in her English class when I was in the 11th grade. I remember to this day
the respect for literature and our culture she brought to our lives. She made
every student in her class special in lasting ways far beyond the material she
was teaching. She was a gift I appreciated throughout my life.