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Friday, September 16, 2016

Butler Authors ~

Bob Hazy 
BHS '82
Bob Hazy is a writer inspired by the works of Melville, Steinbeck, Hemingway, and Dostoevsky. He studied literature at Yale University earning a BA and also holds a MS in computer science from Stevens. Although Bob built a career in information technology leadership and is currently an independent consultant, his real love is writing and painting Click here. He lives in the foothills of the Sierra in Northern California with his son, Nathan, and their dog, Gus.
Congratulations, Bob, on your recently published book: 


Charles said...

For further information about Bob Hazy's book go to these sites:
- - Amazon
- - The Book Website
- - Supplemental Blog

L 3 said...

McGhee in the Gloaming is a thoughtful treatise on what it feels like to search. Readers who have lived in Butler - or who are at least familiar with it - will enjoy seeing this town featured in several chapters. Bob depicts Butler with sensitivity and dignity - a true tribue to the region. :-) Even though I've never actually been to Butler, after reading MITG, I feel I've experienced it somehow. :-) I highly recommend the novel! :-)

Pharma Phil said...

Bob depicts Butler with sensitivity and dignity - a true tribue to the region, OBVOIUSLY Bob hasn't been to Butler in awhile, nothing but a drug infested government experiment now.

BobHazy said...

My last visit to Butler was March, 2014, to bury my mother. I haven't lived there since the mid 80s, so I can't opine on the state of affairs. All I can say is it was a good place to grow up: a little sheltered and just off to the side of the activities of Pittsburgh.

Unknown said...

Bob, you might remember me as a classmate at Butler Catholic. As an avid reader, I'm going to order your book and look forward to reading it.
Mary Gallagher