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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Butler, Pennsylvania ~ Home of the Jeep

Celebrating the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival held in Butler this weekend.
Jeep parade with 1,200 vehicles. It will start at Butler County Community College and head on Route 8 to Butler’s downtown.
Photo: Bob Emigh


Paul said...

Glad to see Butler reaping some of the recognition it deserves.

Anonymous said...

Who knows what would be today if Bantam had been able to manufacture the vehicle in the numbers the government required at Butler! Sadly, that was not the case.

Anonymous said...

Love my Jeep! Wish I could afford a new one. Probably never will be able to buy another one in my life time.

John Logan said...

John Logan
I worked at the Bantam Car Company making 1/4 ton trailers to be towed by jeep in fall of 1944 before I went into the army.
I returned to the the company in Dec. 1948. I was gone 4 years. I returned to my old job working on the trailers. I was laid off when the contract was not renewed.

I served over seven years in world war two and also during the Korean war .

The jeep was a very reliable asset for us and took us over dirt roadsnd through fieldss. WHAT A VEHICLE!!!

Lucille said...

I hears Jeeps came from as far away as Hawaii to the Butler Jeep Heritage Festival. It brought Jeep nuts, tourists, Butlerites and--very importantly --business to Butler. Keep it going!