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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rube Waddell ~ Famous Butler Pitcher

Rube Waddell: Butler’s Outrageous Southpaw
By Eric D. Duchess

A biographical sketch of the eccentric left-handed pitcher from Prospect who is the only Butler County baseball player in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

This book received the Freedom Foundation Award in 1997.


Anonymous said...

By grandfather would tell me of seeing Rube coming to town from the Waddell potato farm in prospect. He said Rube would through some of the potatoes through the holes in the fences.

Anonymous said...

The Philadelphia Inquirer published this poem about Rube in 1903..

Up to the bat the Orioles rose, his face was filled with glee
There're various brands of glee you've never seen before.
"Strike one," the umpire cried, "strike two" --
the umpire said "strike three."
But you've seldom seen those kinds of strikes before.
For when Reuben twirls the sphere
The Planets shrink in fear.
And the sinuous sea serpent
Its sorrow tries to drown.
Then the cyclone hides its head,
And the birds go right to bed
For there's doings on the Diamond when Reuben comes to town.

Jack Cicco Jacksonville, Fl.