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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bill Saul ~ Football Great ~ BHS '58

+ September 16, 2006

Bill was a '58 graduate of BHS. At Penn State he played basketball and football. In the NFL he played for the Baltimore Colts and the Pittsburgh Steelers, then one year for the New Orleans Saints and one year for the Detroit Lions. Bill was inducted into the Butler Sports Hall of Fame in 1968. We all looked up to Bill.


Anonymous said...

Bill Saul was a legendary athlete and character. He played 3 varsity sports at Penn St. He was a major part of the Butler Pony (13-14 yr old)team that won the national championship, then a mainstay in football and basketball at BHS. He went on to a solid career in the NFL. While playing with the Steelers, he was "miked" during a game, and the video of that is part of the Steelers/NFL video series. He was a tough, no nonsense player who exemplified the Steelers before they were World Champions.

Of course, Bill was the older brother of the Saul Twins (Rich and Ron) who were 8-9 years younger than Bill, and who both played in the NFL.

Bill passed away in Baltimore in the last yearat the age of 67.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I played right tackle beside Bill who played right end in our UNDEFEATED 1958 SEASON. Every opening play Bill and I would double team the guy playing over me. I was a weak link and needed his help. Remember Bill's nickname. I do. "E" mail me and I'll let you know.
nsgraham2@yahoo.com or visit me in Ocala, Fl.
Garris Graham

Anonymous said...

Lots of fond memories of Bill during jr and sr high school days. As a tall, skinny kid, I was always glad he was a friendly giant always there to help - especially in those stupid swimming classes.

I know it couldn't happen today, but I remember Bill getting paddled by Mr Andrews, the jr high art teacher (a former football player). I think Bill dropped some art supplies.

The last time I saw Bill was after a Steeler-Redskins game in Wash DC in the mid-1960's.

He was a great guy to know, even for a few years.

Steve Gray

Rob Radaker said...

I played Prepleague baseball with Bill for the Moose. I remember he brought a bat that just fit me to a tee. Unfortunately I broke it on a foul ball. He was not a hppy camper and I thought he was going to kill be. Fortunately he didn't.