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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Institute Hill Mustangs ~ 1950

The Mustangs won the championship in 1950 defeating the Penn Street Cardinals.
Ed Eicholtz, Wayne Anthony, Nick Newcaster, Dan Murphy, Dick Smith, Diantonio, Dom Monteleone, Mike Newcaster, Ken Mills, Dan Coyle, Lanny Pride, Jack Lokhaiser, Bill Saul, Dale Stetzer, Dick Haron, Charles Leitem, Ray Natili, John Houston and Coach Ed Pickett.
[Photo thanks to Michael Newcaster]


Anonymous said...

Very cool. I'll have to try an help you with some photos sometime. My Grandpa sent me your site We both lived on Institute Hill. I was a Mustang in the late 80's.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Dantanio. You look too too thin. Great group of guys.

Beth Williams said...

Your blog brings back so many memories. Although I wasn't around when this picture was taken, I was an Institue Hill Mustangs Cheerleader in the late 80's. Good times!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I saw this picture and was very curious about it as my husband played for the cardinals in the late 60's and early 70's then coached in the early 80's. What a great organization. I would however like to know what happened to Eddie Eicholtz and if he is still alive.

Lanny Pride said...

I was a Hill Mustang. We practiced on the site of the
"OLD SILK MILL" and the surface was sawdust !!
Chuck Leitem was Chuck Leith and he was a real
strong fullback. I remember once Ed Pickett had me
running so the rest of the team could practice
their tackles. "Peppy" Monteleone hit me hard right
at my shoestrings and my face went directly into the
sawdust where the gum I was chewing became a big
wad of sawdust!! Lanny Pride

Anonymous said...

69 Mustangs were best team ever under Art Montleone

Anonymous said...

As impartial as I am, I have to agree with the comment on 69 Mustangs. Who was faster- that Kenny Clark or Jeff McAnallen?