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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

We're Proud of You ~ Norma Norris

In 1987, after hearing a sermon by Msgr. Francis Glenn in St. Paul's Church, lamenting the fact that local prosecutors and law enforcement agencies had been deluded into thinking that people didn’t care about the hardcore porn being sold in their neighbor-hoods, Norma Norris gave herself the challenge to inspire the Butler community to send out the message: "We Care - We Count". She adopted the White Ribbon as a symbol for decency and a new movement was born involving many organizations, churches, and citizens in Butler County.

Now her White Ribbon Against Pornography campaign has spread nationwide. This year, the week of October 26 through Novermber 2 is nationally recognized as Pornography Awareness Week. Thank you, Norma.


Charles said...

Norma reports that she has recently launched a Drug Prevention Program, which she hopes will be another national effort, even though she certainly didn't plan it that way. It's acceptance has been a surprise to her. She has a website Norma's Program that explains what she is doing. At first it was just supposed to be a 3 month summer program, but it was so well attended that she had a 2 month waiting list to cope with each month. Long story short, she now has a Program Model that has been adopted in 6 other PA counties.

Anonymous said...

I volunteered to help Norma do ONE reality tour - a day in the life of a drug user over 3 years ago.
That was 30+ tours ago and she is still going strong.
It's a great program that is being used in more and more counties, and in other states.
She is even working to get it into the schools, to reach the young children who can be saved from this terrible scrouge.
She even took an early retirement from WBUT to work on this important effort full time.
Great job, Norma!