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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

From Our Little Theater to Louisville as Reporter for Wave3TV

Congratulations !
James Zambroski receiving the Emmy for Reporting
July 2006

For a thumbnail rundown on Jim's many-faceted background and present occupation:


Charles said...

Some pictures Jim sent from his assignment in Louisiana after Hurricane Rita.
Remains of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Creole, Louisiana. Interior devastated by a 15 foot wall of water, which blew out stained glass windows, completely wrecked the marble altar and washed every pew out to sea. Kneelers remained, perhaps in a not-so-cryptic message from The Almighty.
Church scene.
Cameraman at work.

Anonymous said...

Click: Picture of Jim with his wife at the Emmy Award Ball

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think that all those story-writing exercises I gave you in the 5th grade paid off!! 'Way back then, Jimmy, you had a knack for writing.