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Friday, July 29, 2005

One of Ours ~ Butler Mourns

Sgt. Carl J. Morgain, 40, of Butler, Pa., died May 22, in Balad, Iraq, of injuries sustained in Kadasia, Iraq, when a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device detonated near his HMMWV. Morgain was assigned to the Army National Guard's 1st Battalion, 112th Infantry Regiment, Butler, Pa. [Pa. Army National Guard].

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for what you did, Carl.

Jan said...

Mr. Cingolani,

Thank you for acknowledging the ultimate sacrifice that my husband, Sgt. Carl J. Morgain, gave on May 22, 2005 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom III. It is so hard to believe that two years is almost here, to that dreadful day two uniformed military officers came to my door. May God watch over all of us, as we continue in this world without unselfish people, like Carl, that gave their life, so we could be free.

Respectfully and
Forever Proud,

Janice Morgain

Jim said...

Thank you Janice-- for your sacrifice of you beloved. God bless you.