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Sunday, December 01, 2013


Photo: Paul Johnston Jr. 
The old Troutman Department Store is now a motorcycle shop.


Anonymous said...

It is utilized and not boarded up and,hopefully,being well maintained. I am an avid motorcyclist,haven't ridden in awhile,old age crept up on me. Other less conventional businesses might give main street a try. my hometown needs the opportunity to grow and become a vibrant center of commerce once again. I love Butler and Butlerites.

Bob Dorcy

D&K said...

i liked to ride the elevator, the bus stop was also on the cunninghams st side

Anonymous said...

how about a picture of how it looks now. it got a wonderful paintjob that puts this photo to shame.

Anonymous said...

The building's appearance has been improved since
this picture was taken.

Anonymous said...

My husband's uncle Bill Robinson was the manager of Troutman's in the 1960's and recently passed away. If you remember him you will find his obituary at this site.


Pat and Bob Bush
BHS 58 and BHS 52
Phoenix, Arizona

Conrad said...

Loved Troutmans at Christmas time! Not as much as Horne's in Pittsburgh, but for Butler, it was alright.