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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Guy Travaglio ~

 Guy Travaglio at Butler's Ethnic Festival
Thanks: Paul D. Johnston Jr.
How many of us danced to the strains of his music . . .


Anonymous said...

Guy Travaglio was a staple in Butler radio for many years. He was sales manager at WBUT for a long time and ended up at WISR.
He originated the phone party which evolved into the super store.
He has been doing record hops since the 50's and still dj's an occasional oldies dance. I'm sure he has every great dance record there ever was. He also served the community through several organizations and was Butler's State Senator.

Anonymous said...

Not to be picky, but Guy Travaglio was never Butler's State Senator. Guy served several terms as the state representative from the 11th District, which included Butler City, Butler Township and much of the rest of the county.

Jfriedman said...

One of the nicest men to ever grace the streets of Butler. I real icon.

bob emigh said...

Guy Travaglio is the real deal. I worked for him in the 70s. Guy and Larry Berg are both world class.