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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

McConnell's Mill ~

Photo: Robert Emigh


Anonymous said...

My favorite place on earth.

Bob Dorcy

E.R. said...

Beautiful natural surroundings. Always a place to take friends who come to visit us.

R.W. said...

A bit of lore about the Mill:

The old Mill turned state park is home to many spirits who still roam the hills and Slippery Rock Creek. When the mill was operational a man who worked there always walked the same path to work. He carried his lunch in a box and a lantern.

Rumor is the man died because of a malfunction in the equipment. Some nights if you park
your car right above the mill the man can be seen walking down the hill to mill. He goes into the mill a light seems to be on and screams are heard coming from the mill. There is also the spirit of a caretaker that lived on the property from the early 1930's until his death around 1960.

Times he can be seen chasing people away from the land he loved and took care of. Legend has it that a girl died in auto accident on the covered bridge that crosses Slippery Rock Creek beside the mill.

Stories say she can be summoned by parking your car in the middle of the bridge turning off the engine and lights and honking your horn 3 times. She is supposed to appear in your rear view mirror. Natural human reaction is to turn around and look but she's never there and disappears from the mirror. Many people have lost their lives in the treacherous Slippery Rock Creek, which is more of a river in the surrounding area. Numerous adventurous young people have drown in waters. Several people have perished climbing the park's huge rock formations.

There is no doubt it one of the most haunted areas in Butler, Pennsylvania.