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Monday, September 17, 2012

First Baptist Church ~

Corner of Church and New Castle Streets.
Pastor: Rev. Clayton Howard Gray


Thomas Clayton Booher said...

I attended First Baptist Church from infancy until I left home for college in 1966. I heard Clayton Howard Gray preach Sunday after Sunday, and I can truly say that he is the best pulpit preacher I have ever had and heard. Articulate, fluid, pointed, understandable, superb inflection, non-sensationalist, and most of all scripturally and doctrinally sound. An amazing preacher. It was a sad day when he left. I did have a short conversation with him in the student lounge at Baptist Bible College (then known as Baptist Bible Seminary) in Johnson City, NY. He was doing some adjunct teaching then, though I did not have him for anything. He saw me and sat down. I was honored. I do believe the man was a five-point Calvinist. At least four and a half.

Anonymous said...

Butler was such a Catholic town when I was growing up in the 50's and 60's that I don't think I knew of a single Baptist, though obviously they were there. A big change since I've moved to the South, where the trend is almost exactly reversed--hard to find Catholics from Kentucky on south to Florida. Maybe that's more a sign of the times; not many Baptist clergy being brought up on child molestation charges.

Anonymous said...

I loved that church and growing up in Butler. My dad continued preaching after he left Butler until 1997 - over 60 years in the ministry of God's Word. I was proud of him. Thanks for posting this item. -- Steve Gray

Jeffrey said...

Hello All,

I would love to get some recordings from Rev. Gray. My Father had one cassette and he clearly stated that he was indeed a 5 point calvinist. I enjoyed EVERYTHING he said! AMEN! God Bless his memory!
email me if you know where I could get copies of his sermons. I hope you still can!