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Friday, June 19, 2015

Henninger House on West Pearl Street ~

A beautiful home, and beautifully kept. 


Anonymous said...

239 W Pearl st

A very nice house

Margo said...

I remember sitting on the porch with Anita... one summer night... so great to see!!

Robin Huffer said...

i think we used to sled ride on their back hill.

Zeno F. Henninger, Echternacherbrueck Germany said...

Hello, The correct spelling is Henninger. We lived two blocks west on Pearl Street, used to visit my Great Grandmother and Great Aunt there frequently. Aunt Marg had a great cook who produced some fine meals, not always easy for an elementary school hyperactive kid (they did not recognize ADHD in the 50's) to sit through yet my sister, brother, and I did.
It was a fun house to explore; I did not grasp the significance of the home.
My Dad (who died in 2009) always had a twinge of nostalgia for the place, was always unhappy the new owners never invited him back to visit.
I have no idea when ownership changed, my last visit was probably 1970.