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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Butler Architecture ~

Court House, view from the back.
Photo: Barbara Bloom


Don Carlson said...

Now, that is a different and interesting perspective. It does, however, remind me of an incident many years ago. I parked my 1939 Plymouth coupe on Diamond Street across from the Butler Eagle. It was in the middle of winter 1940 and, when I came out to my car, the ice had fallen from the courthouse roof on to the roof of my car. By crouching down in the seat, I was able to drive it to Keagle's Trading Post where they did a great job of "raising the roof"
Don Carlson
Palatine, IL

Anonymous said...

Rear perspective view from south/west corner. Nice photo Barbara. Probably taken from near the Shaw House.
Bob O

Anonymous said...

I remember we second graders toured the courthouse and the jail (scared straight circa 1948) but my only memories of the place was when they showed us the gallows where they hung murderers when such was in vogue(that was law and order Ha Ha). Of course, hanging at the county seat had long been discontinued.