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Friday, June 20, 2008

American Bantam Car Company of Butler ~

Manfacturer of our famous small cars, and the Jeep.
Photo: Thanks DeWayne Johnston


Anonymous said...

You know Charles,this is pretty timely stuff! With a little update in technology,these little Bantam's could be 50+ MPG commuter dream cars.I guess they were ahead of their time.

Bob Dorcy

Anonymous said...

Several years ago, on a visit to Butler, we had reservations at the Fairfield Inn. As we pulled in to the parking lot, we noticed that it was filled with Bantam cars of every description. Turned out to be a convention of owners but a very delightful experience for us to have all those great little cars available to inspect.
Don Carlson
Palatine, IL

Anonymous said...

I happened to be at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Mich the other day and as I walked about their large display of cars one that I saw was an old restored bantam made in Butler. It provoked a lot of memories of the time they were made there.

Anonymous said...

Bob Brandon is keeping Bantams alive by supplying parts to collectors around the country.
He also has and shows one of the Bantam Jeeps built in Butler.

jschalles said...

My family is from Butler. I inherited a box of my grandfather's old stock certificates, including one for a few shares of American Bantam. He left a note in the box of old stocks: "probably not worth anything, but advised not to burn." I just think it's a really cool thing to have.