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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Lowry House ~

[At the corner of Jefferson and Main]
This pen and ink drawing of an earlier view of the Lowry House hotel used to hang in my grandmother's house. I remember hearing that she had commissioned it from a local artist, Robert C. Rehm. It is based on an old photograph. 
- - - Jeff Schalles


Anonymous said...

This was the first 3 story brick commercial building in Butler. It was replaced in 1919 by the Guarantee Savings and Trust.

It was in this hotel that Clara Barton stayed when she came to help during the great typhoid fever epidemic of 1903/1904.

R. Wertz said...

When it was the bank, back in the 40s, I used it to cure my fear of heights.

One could go up to the roof via the stairs with no one saying a word. Once on the roof, over the course of several weeks,I would inch closer and closer to the edge bravely, look over until I was no longer fearful. Then I would walk down the stairs, walk into the
bank and deposit my 25 cents into my weekly (weakly?)Christmas
savings account.

Imagine that-two birds with one stone! Let's see 25 times 52....
that was a bundle in those days.