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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wholesale Plumbing and Heating Supply~

Building razed due to viaduct construction.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know what this building was in its former life?

Anonymous said...

Is this the former Elliot Furniture Auction, now close to the new Wayne Street bridge?

Anonymous said...

This is 227-229 Center Ave.at the intersection of Walker Ave. Butler Paper and Twine was in there for years with apts. above.
Torn down for new viaduct
The I.O.O.F had a hall in the bdg also with the Twine Co. in the 1936 city directory along with their hall on Main St

Anonymous said...

From about 1980 or so until closing due to viaduct construction, this was Wholesale Plumbing and Heating Supply. Had all kind of specialty items that made your life easier. Was the plastic pipe broken holding the wax ring under your toilet? No need to tear up the floor/ceiling. Bob had a gizmo that "dropped" in and saved the day. Although he mainly supplied professional plumbers, Bob would give precious advice and show "unknown" lifesaving parts to us homeowners. God Bless him.
Denny F.

David L Klingensmith said...

My father, David K Klingensmith, managed Wholesale Plumbing and Heating until he died in 1968. John Davis of Slippery Rock was the owner. I think they opened it in the early 60s. Sometimes I would count fittings, etc. during inventory. I don't know what had been in the building before they bought it. For a few years when my dad worked there, there was a store in the one front room that sold tropical fish. I think the proprietor was John Lachesky.

Paul Jackman said...

The Larkin Co. building back in the "50". Started working there in 1956. They made oil &water well supplies.the rest of the buildings were under the bridge. Moves of the equipment made was shipped to Bradford Supply in Pa. and Tulsa Ok. They moved to Wellsville, NY in 1960.
Company office was in the front point of the building. Plumbing store used to be the shipping dept. Butler.