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Monday, August 05, 2013

Norman Saleet ~ Musician

Songwriter, guitarist and actor
 Norman Saleet
was born in Butler. He began playing guitar at age 15. With his brother Michael Jr. he formed the band Good Family in 1973.


Anonymous said...

Didn't he grow up on The Island near the playground?

Anonymous said...

I believe it was his brother Mitch that was in the musical group, he does have a brother Mike however he was much younger and perhaps a roadie for the group

Anonymous said...

Yes, he grew up on the Island near the playground.

Anonymous said...

Youngest brother "Mikey" was not in the band. It was Norman and Mitchell with 3 other members. They played the Holiday Inn chain and worked their way to the west coast. First band was Norman and the D'jays then the Good Family. In time they split up and each member found their own way in the music industy. Norman wrote many top producing songs ie; "Here I Am" performed by Air Supply ~ He still works in the industry and resides in California with his family.

Jim Grolemund said...

I played bass with Norman, Bill Hook, and several keyboard players. Norman's brother Mitchell was on hiatus for some reason. Mitchell I understand is a talent agent in California.