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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

North Main Street Residence ~

Home of John Berg on North Main Street around 1967, was just above the Butler Towers Apartments.
Photo: Dave Miller


Anonymous said...

This house was torn down around 1970. I always admired it when driving up the hill.

R. Wertz said...

Looking at the lawn of that residence, I'm reminded of summer time, push mowers and attempts to earn a few pennies mowing a lawn in the hills of Western Pa.

I really can't remember any gas mowers around...it was only a somewhat rusty push mower that sat around the back over the winter.

It took more than several bowls of Weaties to earn the price of a Saturday movie.

Dave Miller said...

John Berg had a bank on the corner of Main and Jefferson that was replaced by the Union Bank building in the early '20s.The last family member was Rosamond who owned the Vogue clothing store on Main St.She moved next door at the Butler Towers in the mid '60sI can remember exploring in the house with my friends around 1967.It was in disrepair then.Too bad it could'nt be saved.

Dave Miller said...

While talking to Bill May I discovered the house was built by the Daugherty family in the mid 1870s.The Bergs aquired it in 1892 from H.W.Christie.It was sold in 1968 for demolition and the Townhouse apartment building was constructed in 1971.It would be great to see a photo of the house in it's prime.
Dave Miller

B.M. said...

In the last comment the Daugherty family was mentioned as the original builder of the Berg house.

Here an excerpt from the 1883 History of Butler County:

Robert GRAHAM was a pioneer of 1797, and his family was doubtless the first which settled within the present limits of the borough of Butler. They resided in a log cabin where Mr. DAUGHERTY’s fine house now stands, near the North Cemetery, and the location was near but not inside of the original town plat.

Anonymous said...

I know Jim Klutinouty lived in the house at the southwest corner of North Main and Charles streets. I'd almost bet that is his Lincolon in the picture.

Bob Dorcy

Roseann said...

I remember Rosamond Berg as my mother used to buy clothes at he shop. She was a lovely lady. I remember he telling me that there was a ballroom in the house. It is so sad that it was torn down.