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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Patrick BHS '44 and Charles BHS '42 McCarren ~

† 8 September 2012

† 11 February 2013
Photos: Butler Eagle
They kept our Butler ladies in style. We would go into the store on Main Street not only to buy clothes but to spend a few moments talking to these loved and respected personalities.


Anonymous said...

McCarren's--owned by Pat and his brother, Charlie, was part of what I've always considered the Golden Era of Downtown Butler. There were several locally owned, specialty men's and women's clothing stores--The Hub, Benson's, Jaffe's, Douthett & Graham, to name a few. What I remember most was that there were very few, if any, vacant store fronts and that virtually every business was locally owned, by people you knew. Our family shopped faithfully on Main Street; going to Pittsburgh to buy anything was considered a treat, thus, rare.
I don't necessarily long for those days gone by; they're just a pleasant memory from a time when troubles seemed less. Thanks again, Charles.

Anonymous said...

I remember downtown having such a wide variety of stores. From Bills Bargain to Furnniture Galleries. So many in between. Loved walking the streets during Christmas with the bells playing, the walk lights ringing and the snow falling. Beautiful..... The stores staying open till 9 and people everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I remember the Hub was lower middle quality, Benson's middle quality and McCarren's was the high end store. I still wear a sport coat I bought at McCarren's in 1983. McCarren's had a very professional sales staff who knew their business. They charged alot, but they did have very nice clothes. I remember the quote "you bought that at McCarren's" which meant you bought an expensive high quality piece of clothing.

Anonymous said...

Always enjoyed shopping downtown Butler back in the 1970s. McCarren's and The Jay Shoppe were two of my favorites. The times have to change, but it's too bad the next generation couldn't have kept these great downtown stores in business.