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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Diamond Square ~ 1910

A postcard written to C.C. Boyer on September 8, 1909. Mr. Boyer was the general contractor in the building of the original Wayne St. Viaduct.
Photos: Barbara Bloom
[Granddaughter of C.C. Boyer]
Mr. Boyer on the right.
[below] Mr. Boyer in the back seat.


Anonymous said...

What a pretty park this once was. Once again, Burt Hill, Kosar, Rittleman redesigned this park to be a cement, nearly treeless, shadeless mess. We have placed monuments helter-skelter.

The county should restore this park to the greenspace it was designed to be. Move the WWII monument to the very back to create some symetry with the park.

Old Hippy said...

Bring back the PARK HOTEL

Anonymous said...

yeah for the crack heads

Anonymous said...

The Diamond looks tidy. I like it better that way.

Anonymous said...

it was a hippie mecca back in the day, but a very popular hang out that drew large numbers of people into town.the park hotel served beer to anyone,we drank there in high school.yes those were the days.

Susan said...

Love these old photos! Mr Boyer looks like he tto might have been to the Park Hotel.
I remember the park being nice in the 50's and early 60's.