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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lyndora Bridge ~

On the way to Pittsburgh.


ghs said...

At least one of the cement Bases for this bridge can still be seen between two houses just west of the Lyndora Fire Hall on the south side of Whitestown Road

Anonymous said...

Thanks Charles. Some of your earlier railroad posts encouraged me to explore the history of Butler County railroads and trolleys in print and walking the railbeds. That particular bridge over Whitestown road was part of the tracks that continued behind Lyndora School, crossed Kohler Avenue Extension near Rothen road, and passed through Highfield and Meridian. Connections could be made to Whitestown and New Castle.
For those who are interested, Butler county History books written by Ralph Goldinger and the Ghost Rails series of books written by Wayne A. Cole are a good starting point. Some of these are in the Butler Library system and available on Amazon. Limited printing.
Search Cranberry Historical society, Mars Hist. Soc. and Butler Hist soc. for Geo-caching "tours". Fetz