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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oesterling & Son ~ Flour Feed Grain

Thanks: Gayle Barnett Radwanski


Anonymous said...

This was on the corner of Elm and Jefferson, not the one that burnt in the 70's on Monroe st with the lumber yard

Anonymous said...

The Oesterling name was a prominent one in Butler County as I was growing up. But I wonder if there were two factions within the family? Many I knew pronounced their name 'Ohh-sterling' but I also knew some that pronounced it 'Easter-ling', in fact our family had a nanny at one time named Edith Oesterling and she was adamant about pronouncing her name as 'Easter-ling'

R. Wertz said...

Sometime last century, I got two Easter chicks-the bird kind- one was yellow, the other sorta purple, as I recall. One thing led to another and every Saturday I trotted down to the feed store featured in the pic to get 25 cents worth of chicken feed. (Chicken feed for chicken feed so to speak)

That place had a pecular smell to it what with all the stuffs in there that I can still smell. I always went in the side door, then up front to pay. Those chickens sure could eat 25 cents worth of chicken feed quickly. They were roosters and got really mean if they didn't get their weekly ration. I'll not go into details of those two chickens except to say they were really tough-even cooked a long time. Maybe not enough chicken feed.

Arnold Oesterling said...

P.J. was such a nice man.