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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Butler ~ A Baseball City

A bar across the street from the baseball park.
Thanks: Barbara Bloom


R. Wertz said...

Ah, yes, those Butler Yankees of yesteryear.
As a kid, Dad and I would go to the ballpark to
watch the Yankee farm team "play ball"
Maybe even get a hot dog.

"Whitey"Ford was one of the Yankees who labored
with the team prior to his call-up to the majors
as I recall. Seems to me the Butler Yankees were
well supported by the folks in Butler long ago and
far away. Is there a team there now?

Anonymous said...

The Butler Blue Sox play at the former Pullman Park. It is now called Kelly Automotive Park.

"The BlueSox are proud to play their home games on the same field that has hosted some of the greatest ballplayers of all-time, including Joe DiMaggio, Walter Johnson, Lou Gehrig, and Josh Gibson. Though known as Pullman Park for over 70 years, the ballpark became Kelly Automotive Park when its naming rights were purchased in 2014."